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Libra decan 3 tend to have to go through some tough times where they pushed to prove themselves. They may be harshly judged because their ideas or behavior is controversial in some way. Anti-heroes, fallen souls and the victims of society will fascinate them, but ironically in helping societies outcasts, the Libra decan 3 becomes the outsider themselves. Libra decan 3 cannot help but pick up the collective mirror and reflect back to the world its shadow side. The tarot card associated with this decan is the four of swords which is associated with mental exhaustion and retreat.

Natural talent gushes out of them and they can easily burn themselves out.

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If you are coping at present then this card suggests that you are close to the edge and if you do not take the necessary steps to take a break then it may very well be forced upon you. It warns of the potential for mental breakdowns, medical care and even hospitalisation. Generally this is a positive decan with the fixed star Spica at the centre of it, but these brilliant souls will learn in this lifetime that they must take care of their physical body as well as their brain.

The Sun is in its fall in Libra in general and has no dignity in decan 3 at all. However, the Sun is saved by the great fortune of both Spica and Arcturus. The closer the Sun is to the middle of the decan the better. Those that cannot stand to see them succeed will be forever trying to knock these folk off their pedestals. One thing that Sun decan 3 develops then is a great sense of balance. They are constantly making small adjustments to their stance, rather like someone doing a balance pose in Yoga.

I think this balancing act is why there is such a good selection of health gurus in the list below.

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There are also some folk who are famous for just being famous, due to the Arcturian luck of being in the right place at the right time. Others on the list are either just very beautiful or in the limelight due to having famous partners, parents or relatives. Sun Libra 3 seems to be born lucky, though later in the decan I think they would need to work harder to hold on to their good fortune. So even though the Sun is indeed in its fall here, it does not seem to have prevented the success of the examples below.

It could be the case that the fixed stars really do have the kind of power that helps people become actual stars. Yes I think I do tend to feel an out cast but sometimes I have felt this is really of my own making as a means to gain experience of living, as I have also felt rejection on many occasions. It is I guess a way of punishing or purging myself for feeling the inner me and outer me are it seems so far apart. I feel strongly that the key to Libra of all decans is not balance but the purpose of balance, that is weighing or measuring value.

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The balance does not exist just to balance. Libras, particularly 3rd decan Libras me , can coldly air assess the usefulness cardinal of someone or some event and make decisions based on utility, largely without moral compass. Also the 3rd decan of Libra show some characteristics of Scorpio, sort of an anticipation of a desire to merge at the soul level, sometimes darkly so.

Being outcast is really the result of living in a slightly different Universe. Maybe that is just me, Spica conjoined. I do think the lucky part and the equilibrated part are always part of these folks. This is a year of tremendous growth, where you can work out any kinks in your career and define what your personal goals are.

Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to take you on a year-long consciousness expanding adventure, so dream big. This year, we have five eclipses that are casting focus on your work-life balance. During January, July, and December, focus on letting go of inferiority issues that have you at odds with authority figures.

If you find yourself frustrated at road blocks, instill patience and perseverance into your projects — because when the light goes green, the race is yours. Each Mercury retrograde cycle in March, July, and November will ask you to let go of things from the past that hold you back: family stories, fears, and emotional blockages.

Set your attention on what is lurking beneath the surface. All that you want to achieve in life is possible once you complete the groundwork, so stay focused on what needs to be uncovered for you to turn your goals into reality. Taurus, our rock. Reliable and steady, your essence is of fertility, harnessing the energy of a newly planted seed and transforming it into a productive and nourishing entity. With Uranus in your sign for the first time in 76 years, there is bound to be some instability in your life. Over the next seven years, what you understand as stable will undergo a renovation.

The changes heralds cannot be avoided. However, you can avoid any associated insecurity and anxiety by embracing Uranus — be open to change and acknowledge where you have chosen a path of security over the fresh winds of vitality. Fertilize your soil during these next seven years so that you have steady foundations beneath you.

Map out your plans before March, when Uranus will move in and start redecorating. Ask yourself honestly: What are my values now, and what needs to change for abundant growth to occur?

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Concurrently, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn will shake up your old sources of security. The riches you seek are not located in the material world, but lie within everyday practicalities; in the very essence of who you are becoming.

With Uranus joining the earth sign party in March, do the work to address your deepest fears. Prioritize self-reflection and alone time during April and October, when both Saturn and Pluto retrace their steps through your personal underworld. Doing this work now will benefit you, but ignoring it means you can undermine yourself without knowing why. Make a map, know your destination, keep the lines of communication open, and trust in the messages that are guiding you.

Not everyone defines themselves by what they do, but everything we do defines us in one way or another. Your guide, Mercury, will go retrograde three times this year.

In March, align your reputation with who you really are. Share your creativity and visions with the world. Your network is vast and colorful.

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Sit down with your finances and challenge yourself to find new ways of making money. Cancer, babe! As you lean into a more authentic expression of who you are, the beauty in your process is how you keep both your soft interior and hard shell intact. This year we have five eclipses, with each one gradually nudging you back to your own center. As ruled by the moon, eclipse seasons will feature rising tides that return to shore what was once discarded at sea. The debris can no longer be ignored, and the planetary play of light and shadow will illuminate where your responsibility falls in this regard.

For you, Cancer, personal matters are your raft as you sail these emotional seas. The moon shines no light of its own, but reflects the light of the Sun. When Mercury retrogrades, you will be asked to reinstate what brings you joy. In March, draw strength from your own belief systems to see you through. In July, prioritizing your own needs and wants will be your main challenge, but a worthwhile one. In November, you get to dive into deep emotional waters to seek lost treasures.

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Let trust be your guide. Leo, you are guided by our most vital energy source: the Sun. To understand yourself as an independent sun has required you to learn the value of interdependence and the mutual connections that sustain your life. These revelations have changed your relationship dynamics, and in you will find yourself on fresh terrain, looking out upon a wider vista with a different view. You are aware that hard work is calling, and shovel in hand, you will dig even deeper this year. Jupiter in Sagittarius will lighten your load and allow you to do so. Each Mercury retrograde cycle initiates an alchemical transformation that asks you to understand your inner workings.

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This planetary backspin requires more engagement with your emotional landscape, dreams, fears, and any baggage left over from your family of origin. As Pluto and Saturn jump on board with the eclipses, you are being called to uncover your own hidden agendas. To find the core of the sun takes tremendous courage and dedication.

Let it be your guiding voice. Learn to trust it more. Consider pulling tarot cards, visiting a psychic, or writing down your dreams. If health issues arise or persist, assess your relationship to control and fear.

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Uranus moving into Taurus is a favorable time for you to set your sights on what you want to achieve this year, and for cultivating the conditions to steer your career and reputation in a new direction. Aim high. This transit is offering you the change and consistency you crave. Shine your light bright and use it for the greater good.